The most exciting time of the year has arrived – the Ideas 11.11 Sale is back and better than ever! From November 8th to November 12th, you can indulge in a shopping extravaganza that promises unparalleled savings. This spectacular sale is available both in-stores and online, offering a delightful FLAT 40% OFF on various items. It’s a shopping experience like no other, and we’re here to guide you through all the fantastic categories where you can enjoy these incredible discounts.

Unleash the Shopping Spree: Enjoy FLAT 40% OFF

The Ideas 11.11 Sale brings you an array of categories, each with a generous FLAT 40% discount. No matter what you’re in the mood to shop for, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a glimpse of the captivating categories that await you during this sale:

1. Western Wear: Elevate Your Style

2. Eastern Wear for Men and Women: Traditional Elegance

Embrace the rich heritage of eastern wear with Ideas collection for both men and women. For men, explore a variety of kurtas, shalwar kameez, and waistcoats. For women, indulge in the elegance of traditional wear like shalwar kameez, kurtas, and more. The FLAT 40% discount makes these outfits even more tempting.

3. Stitched and Unstitched: The Power of Choice

Whether you prefer ready-to-wear or the creative freedom of unstitched fabrics, Ideas has you covered. Stitched outfits for both men and women offer convenience and style, while the unstitched variety allows you to tailor your fashion to your liking. Enjoy a FLAT 40% discount on both options.

4. Home Textile: Transform Your Living Spaces

Revamp your home with Ideas extensive Home Textile collection. From cozy fleece throws to luxurious duvets and quilts, stylish bed sheets to exquisite bridal bedding, and plush bath linen, you can add a touch of luxury to every corner of your home at a FLAT 40% discount.

5. Kids’ Variety: Adorable Tops and Bottoms

Dress your little ones in style with Salt by Ideas Kids variety. Explore a range of adorable tops and comfortable bottoms for boys and girls. It’s the perfect opportunity to keep them looking cute while enjoying the generous FLAT 40% discount.

6. Accessories: Complete Your Look

Accessories can elevate your outfit, and Ideas offers a range of them at a FLAT 40% discount. Explore trendy bags, cozy shawls, elegant stoles and scarves, and stylish footwear to put the finishing touches on your fashion statement.

In conclusion, the Ideas 11.11 Sale is your passport to a world of fashion and lifestyle at unbeatable prices. Take the chance to upgrade your wardrobe, home, and personal style before breaking the bank. Visit their website at to place your online orders, and take advantage of their nationwide delivery for just 99 PKR.