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‘VELO Sound Station’ Dissected through Style and Fashion
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‘VELO Sound Station’ Dissected through Style and Fashion

Fashion game on again! 

So VELO just shook us all with the launch of a promo, firstly announcing the Season 2 of the much awaited Velo Sound Station, unveiling the first look. Yes, they’re bringing the funk back to our world but this time with a twist. There is so much to look for! VELO has nothing to do with the norms, infact it breaks us free from it. So anything that it brings has to be ground breaking too. Such is the case with the upcoming VELO Sound Station. This time it’s like a whole new VELO world out there, literally. Ofcourse sound is the first sense they hit upon but your sight will not be left unattended too. Infact the combo of audio and visuals takes us into a universe that’s surreal and chic. Though it’s just a promo and not much is revealed but our anxious souls can’t be kept waiting. We are eager and going to find everything about it, in our fashion. 

We know our stars’ looks are designed in accordance with their performances and tracks’ demands. So let’s do a reverse analysis, we’ll try to speculate what could they be bringing us based on the way they are styled. So all you fashionistas out there, ready to take a dig into Velo Sound Station 2 in our own style. So let’s take it from the top. We spotted the pop King Atif Aslam in three different looks, does that mean he’s giving us multiple performances this season? Whatever the answer may be, we’re too excited to see him raising the temperature with his fashion game. He smashes the blue jacket paired with black shirt & tie and those blue shades to give him that haute vibes. His jacket’s color reminds us of ‘Kadi Te Hans’ sparkling suit. But hey it’s Atif in VELO world, nothing is repetitive here. The jacket is no ordinary too, it’s a stylish cross of long coat & formal jacket. Atif is definitely showing us how to rock that perfect balance between classy and edgy. Shall we say the number might also reflect the same, being trendy and soothing at the same time.

Next we see him in a plain black turtle neck shirt dazzled with a gold chain and pendant. The lady infront and the floral graphics may hint on a romantic futuristic ballad coming our way. 

What do we see, Atif Aslam shaking a leg in a casual, smart next door boyish look! Now that’s something to look for. But wait this dude is not coming slow even in his casual avatar.  The jacket he’s attired in is not just any, but a limited edition Louis Vuitton denim jacket. His LV jacket with black shades say it all!  

Ooh la la! Style with an edge. If such aesthetics are put on the look, what great artistry to expect from the track itself. We’re definitely banking on this one to be fun, have those street beats with an edge of class, ofcourse. Who knows it might prove to be a new dance anthem to grove on.

Next comes the Diva- Mahira Khan. Oh yes she’s the mystery lady with her back and high pony tail in the first shot, leading us into the VELO universe. Well, well, well, the Queen’s fashion sense has always been on point and her latest look in the Velo Sound Station promo is no exception. She looks like a boss lady in her bold black suit exuding confidence and style. It’s almost like she owns this neon club like space. Her elegant ponytail and statement necklace completes the look, making her a fashion icon to watch out for. 

It’s safe to say that she has once again set the bar high with her impeccable fashion sense. We are absolutely in awe of her style and can’t wait to see what is she offering us more than her obvious fashion statements. Is it her moves or could it be her debuting in the world of music. Eagerly waiting!

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