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Khaadi Wins Hearts Once Again with ‘Badal Day Jahaan’ by Hasan and Risham!
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Khaadi Wins Hearts Once Again with ‘Badal Day Jahaan’ by Hasan and Risham!

Legit cannot get the new Khaadi Independence Day song out of my head, watching it on repeat and getting emotional every time! ‘Badal Day Jahaan’ is the latest release by Khaadi, sung by our absolute new pop favorites Hasan Rahim and Risham Faiz Butta, it has undoubtedly stolen the hearts of the nation with its incredible spirit and inspiring lyrics but also for the whole hearted vibrant aesthetics of the music video itself. Repping Khaadi in all its glory it leaves behind a sense of pure joy and hope that lasts well after the song has ended!

Over the years Khaadi has earned the respect of not only its loyal consumers but also its peers and critics for carving its own path with the most original and meaningful campaigns. It leads campaigns that start conversations by breaking stereotypes, that proudly promote the values and boundless talent of our country and celebrates and encourages new talent. Apart from being the pioneers in fashion, Khaadi also brings the country together as one during the best of times as well as the more trying and difficult ones. The brand is always front and center when it comes to creating groundbreaking campaigns and this Independence Day is no different! 

This year the brand’s latest campaign is by the people for the people! And what brings people together more than music? It unites and ignites hope in the toughest of times, so this year Khaadi has created the most heartwarming song by asking people what change they would like to see in Pakistan. 14th August is a day that marks a new beginning for all of us, offering the chance to restart and do better. 

“Aanay Wali Hai Ik Nai Sehar, 

Hogi Ik Nai Subha, 

Hongi Har Taraf Muskurahatain,

Jiyaingay Ab Hum Is Tarhaan”,

A beautiful line and one of my favorites from the song.

Recognizing the fact that the youth of the nation is the future of Pakistan, Khaadi collaborated with epic young talents Hasan Rahim and Risham Faiz Bhutta to connect with this generation who will be tomorrow’s leaders. Khaadi and color are inseparable; therefore the entire video is strongly rooted in vivid and bold colors. We love the ethnic pop styles worn by the singers from Hasan’s kurtas to Risham’s ethnic jewellery, simply wow!

We can imagine going for long drives with family and friends like we do with this tune playing on the radio and waving our great flag from the window! The lyrics in this feel good song are all about spreading positivity, claiming responsibility, promoting inclusivity, being more tolerant and starting a dialogue! A jingle you’ll be humming all year long, “Badal De Jahan” the very first line of the song instantly grabs you, CHANGE. “Sapnay tumharay, meray tumharay, pooray hongay saaray hai mujh ko yakeen”, absolutely love this line about believing in our hopes, dreams and aspirations together and uplifting one another! “Hojayega Khoobsurat Yeh Samaa Banjayega Chand Taray Ki Tarhaan” So this 14th August lets spread joy and love and let go of negativity. Turn the volume up and let’s change the world together and make all our dreams come true; have a listen to the complete song below!

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