Since the rise of the global pandemic women have been sceptical of visiting parlors due to the high exposure risks involved. However regular home remedies and razors just won’t give the same results no matter how hard you try. Veet cold wax strips take the limelight here because with them everyone can get the same parlor smooth finish at home in just 3 simple steps.

Incorporating Veet cold wax strips into your beauty routines is a must if you want to continue looking your best while wearing those stylish Eid dresses. Just select a variant according to your skin type and if you want to wax your face then make sure to use Veet face wax strips, which are specially designed for this purpose. 

Here are the 3 easy steps you need to know to be able to bring your parlor home with Veet cold wax strips:

Step 1: Open a pack of Veet cold wax strips and PEEL them apart (no need to rub them) 

Step 2: APPLY a wax strip in the direction of your hair growth 

Step 3: PULL the wax strip against the direction of your hair growth and clean any residue with the wipes provided or baby oil

Now enjoy silky smooth skin for up to 28 days!

For great results, pull the strip fast in one swift motion back on itself and ensure that you do not wax the same area more than once in one sitting. For your safety make sure you conduct a patch test 24 hours before use to ensure there are no adverse side effects. Also, avoid using wax strips if you have irritated skin or suffer from any skin disorders or are using any medications that affect your skin.

Getting flawless parlor like results at home is no rocket science if you have Veet cold wax strips by your side. #JustVeetIt to shine bright just like Mahira Khan. So, what are you waiting for? #VeetItToBelieveIt and let us know of your experience below along with any additional tips that you follow to achieve great results with Veet cold wax strips.