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In the Spotlight: Maya Ali x Alkaram Studio Exclusive Interview
In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight: Maya Ali x Alkaram Studio Exclusive Interview

Today we’re here with the incredibly talented, so beautiful Maya Ali. Now, you know Maya Ali from the movies, from her films, from her drama serials. She’s an amazing actress. But I’m sure you also know that she is such a style icon. If you follow her on Instagram, I’m sure you enjoy her really fresh and effortless style as well.

So I’m really excited to reveal today that Maya Ali is going to be the official brand ambassador for Pakistan’s beloved brand, Alkaram Studio. She’s here with us today and she is going to be talking to us about this and her upcoming ventures.

Faiza: Hi, Maya. How are you today?

Maya: I’m good. Excited!

Faiza: Thank you so much for being with us today. So please tell us how did this come about? You are the official brand ambassador for Alkaram so tell us a little bit about that.

Maya: I still remember when my manager called me and said that Alkaram’s team had called and what do you want to do? So I said what are you waiting for Noman; it’s Alkaram let’s do it! I know my mother and many other women within my own family that wear this brand. So when it was done I called her to let her know that I was finally signing up with them. Even when I got here today I was greeted by Alkaram’s team and everyone was so excited. I felt like I was joining their family.

Faiza: Yes I think it’s a brand we all wear and have been wearing for years. It’s for everybody the Pakistani girls, the women, the moms. Tell us a little bit about your personal style, we’ve seen you wear eastern and western. What do you opt for and what sort of colours? 

Maya: To be very honest, I never think about it beforehand. It depends on my mood and what I’m comfortable in. Sometimes I’ll just put on a sweatshirt with trousers. Sometimes with jeans I’ll wear a top. Then I love to wear shalwar kurta! So when my mood is good and I want to be comfortable I just wear a shalwar kurta, otherwise, anything! 

Faiza: So do you enjoy dressing up or going casual?

Maya: Not at all, if I’m dressed up like this in front of you today it’s because I got a big push to get glammed up. But being laid back and comfortable is best.

Faiza: Tell us what do you find so special and unique about Pakistani designs and about our own design aesthetics?

Maya: I feel that there is a lot of talent in Pakistan, almost as if there is one creative and talented person in every household. What is special about our designers is that if you were to discuss with them about traditional clothes you will find lots of lehngas and if you talk to them about western then you will also find an entire line and range. So we don’t have to look somewhere else for designs since everything is available here.

Faiza: Yes absolutely everything is available and you can see the raw talent that there is because its not that every designer has gone to design school.

Maya: I know of so many such people who dont seem as if they have done advanced courses in design but MashAllah their talent comes through…There is certainly something special that we have going in Pakistan.

Faiza: Ok Maya now lets do a quick fun rapid fire and you have to answer quickly! Its very easy dont worry. Lets start. Heels or Flats?

Maya: Heels.

Faiza: Netflix show that you are binging on right now?

Maya: The Crown

Faiza: I love that show as well! Make up or natural?

Maya: Natural.

Faiza: Favourite all time movie?

Maya: Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.

Faiza: Really! well who doesn’t love that movie, absolutely! Foods that you just can’t resist?

Maya: I am not a food lover at all but my mom’s biryani anytime is my favourite.

Faiza: Wow! you are so lucky that you don’t get that temptation to binge. And you are from Lahore that is known for food!

Maya: Yes Imagine! now the Lahories will be thinking that you are spoiling our reputation!

Faiza: City that is home away from home?

Maya: Ofcourse Karachi!

Faiza: What do you enjoy shopping for the most? If you are travelling what would you spend on?

Maya: Shoes!

Faiza: Whats your go-to lip colour? What do you wear?

Maya: I think just a lip-balm. Im not a makeup person at all trust me.

Faiza: Well you are lucky you dont need to be! Gym obsessed or couch potato?

Maya: Gym Obsessed.

Faiza: What is the first thing you will do post Covid InshAllah?

Maya: InshAllah I want to go for Umrah with my family and we have planned it for April.

Faiza: Excellent! Tell us five things that you always carry in your bag?

Maya: Hand Moisturizer, Air pods, Phone, Sunglasses and my Perfume!

Faiza: Maya your latest drama “Pehli Is Mohabbat” is about to release soon. Can you tell us a little about your role and what we can expect?

Maya: So “Pehli Si Mohabbat” is a love story. I wouldn’t say that it is very different from other stories but in this one, the boy “Aslam” who’s character is being played by Sheheryar Munawar is also key. The story of course has the notion of love but it also focuses on the pressures from the family and how to balance their feelings and maintaining their respect. So there is nothing like the case of a boy or girl getting upset and running away but more about giving a message that love is not just between the boy and the girl but there are other forms of love such as between a father and the daughter, mother and son. Sometimes other priorities come in front where you have to evaluate your feelings in light of other relationships. People are already predicting that this is going to be a sad love story but i say what is a story of love where there is no heart break!

Faiza: I am so looking forward to it as it seems to be talking about real situations that one can face in life and their relationships.

Maya: Yes I have always been saying that you will be able to relate to my character “Rakhsi”. Sometimes Shehryar or myself would disagree that this can’t be how it is, and then our director Anjum Shahzad would step in and say that this is really how it is and these are the stories that you will find across many many neighbourhoods. First love is always very special.

Faiza: Yes absolutely! Maya you also have a movie coming out very soon! There is a lot of mystery as we dont even know the name! Please tell us a little more.

Maya: ABG! that is what we are calling it so far. And I want that Shoaib Sir is the first one to reveal the name. And there is a name! People are saying that the movie doesn’t have a name yet but there is one and it is quite beautiful. Emmad is with me in the film and there is a new cast. And as you must know that Shoaib Sirs films are on social issues so this movie too has picked up one issue and presented it so beautifully that I can not even tell you. But when you will watch the movie, I am sure that you will feel that you are seeing a new side of myself as well as of Emmad.

Faiza: Very excited about this as well! Maya is there anything else that you would like to say to our viewers?

Maya: I would like to say one thing to everybody that people can at times get too judgmental. Please dont be like that. Till you dont know all the facts entirely try and avoid giving your verdict and decisions. Please try and avoid this.

Faiza: That is very good advice for everybody. Thank you so much Maya and we can’t wait to see you in the upcoming AlKaram Studio campaign, I think it will be amazing because it always is with this brand.

Maya: Thank you for having me!

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