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Style Notes: Wrap Up In Style With Our Ultimate Shawl Picks!
Style Notes

Style Notes: Wrap Up In Style With Our Ultimate Shawl Picks!

Like all things extraordinary this year winter has arrived early too! It’s only November and Karachi is already feeling that wonderful winter chill we wait for all year. So if you’re a little behind on stocking up on your winter wardrobe we’re happy to help. We have picked out the most delicious and the most stylish designer and high street shawls for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for something heavy to glam up in for weddings or a cozy shawl to use on the go for casual wear; we’ve got you covered on all aspects!

Don a couture piece from Nida Azwer, Misha Lakhani, or Sanam Chaudhri to an intimate winter wedding, filled to the brim with hand made gold zardoz embellishments- these designs are timeless and eternally in style.

For casual wear we have our eye on the new studio label Zinnia that makes the prettiest hand painted shawls that you can wear regularly and they are oh so unique from the colors to the pure cashmere fabrics! For a more casual solid look opt for Sara Najum’s winter stoles in two tone solids to accessories your western winter style.

Lighter on your pocket but just as stylish is Zeen and their electric range of formal velvet shawls. A gorgeous alternative are the latest kashmiri printed shawl collection by Shamsha Hashwani in rustic autumnal hues. If you’re truly looking for an heirloom piece or a wedding gift we suggest checking out Shawl & Co and Chaap Tilak’s hand embroidered threadwork shatoos kashmiri shawls that are simply stunning! Get winter ready in style; scroll down and check out our top picks below:

Hand painted shawls
Zeen  velvet shawl
Shamsha Hashwani 
Printed Shawls 
Nida Azwer 
Hand Embellished Velvet Shawls
Shawl & Co
Hand Embroidered shawls 
Misha Lakhani 
Velvet shawls
Sara Najum casual stoles
Chaap Tilak Kashmiri Shawls
Chaap Tilak
Sanam Chaudhri hand work shawl
Sanam Chaudhri velvet shawls

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