Eid has passed and right on cue wedding season is upon us. The new normal will be smaller more intimate weddings no doubt, however every bride should celebrate her big day in a beautiful bridal and make a lifetime of memories with her family. With that in mind we would like to introduce you to a label that has been in the business for over 30 years designing gorgeous bridals, formals, luxury pret and casuals. Based in Karachi in the heart of the city in Bahadurabad is the intimate setting of Rans Boutique.

A visit to the boutique will let you experience their incredible range offering bespoke creations and a plethora of designs. The label is mindful to offer their clients the finest quality of fabrics and craftsmanship allowing them to customise details according to their tastes. Their craft is traditional with subtle modern touches to silhouette. Intricate handwork in kora dabka, zardozi, and threadwork on lavish fabrics is a mainstay of the brand.

A closer look at their bridal shoot reveals a commitment to carefully selected patterns and colors that compliment the final look. From luxurious lehngas with peplum shirts to classic ghararas, take a look at their latest bridal capsule and find a lot more in store.

Rans Boutique is known not only for its elegant bridals, but also for their charming luxury pret and ready to wear separates. An eclectic brand that values individuality and uniqueness in their aesthetic, one can choose a truly one of a kind look that makes it all the more attractive.

Address: 174, Bahadur Yaar Jung Society, Bahadurabad, Karachi