Maliha’s Studio is out with a brand new range of looks that are perfect for keeping you cool during the scorching hot months to come. Her new summer collection takes a break from her more structured fusion wear style and allows one to let their hair down and truly enjoy the monsoon season. Always one to pay attention to detail; Maliha’s kurta’s feature breezy chikan fabrics, floral prints and her signature laces.

Each one of these versatile outfits inspires women all over to not only up their style game, but to also look embrace the vibrant energy of the summer season. Accessorize any of them with your statement earrings or necklaces, and pair them with Maliha’s funky range of pants. One can even go simple, everyday casual with minimal accessories- that’s what makes this collection perfect for current times; you can easily dress it up or down!

From embroideries and crochet details to striking silhouettes, Maliha’s has ensured there’s a little something special in store for every lady! There is so much happening in the best possible way, check out our favorite looks below: