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What’s In Store: Mina Hasan Creates A Collection With The Memories Of Noor Jehan!
What's in Store

What’s In Store: Mina Hasan Creates A Collection With The Memories Of Noor Jehan!

Spending everyday with her family and especially her 7 month old grandson, Mina Hasan found herself reminiscing about her own childhood. Mina Hasan grew up with her mother, Noor Jehan, at Liberty Circle in Lahore and surrounded by her loving family. The designer often finds herself remembering those she has lost- amongst them her mother and sister, Noor Jehan and Zil-e-Huma. Mina often reminisces about their fashions and most importantly the times they spent chatting and playing at the dinner table. This beautiful range of looks is a tribute to the good old times of the past.

Mina Hasan started the creative process off with this Luxury Pret collection by remembering the intricate detailing that graced the border’s on her mother’s iconic sarees. The designer took the inspiration of the border of the Halima Kurta from an old black Indian saree that she remembers her mother wore for a performance. She remembers the delicate floral design that flowed at the bottom of her mother’s saree and the subtle yet striking details that adorned Noor Jehan’s palloo. The designer then used the zardozi kaam from the Halima Kurta to link the outfits in the Luxury Pret Collection together, producing a look that is classic- one that can be passed on for generations. 

Mina Hasan also looked to her graceful elder sister, Zil-e-Huma, for the inspiration to her silhouettes and patterns for her Pret Collections. Looking back, the designer remembers her Zil-e-Huma’s easy flowing outfits adorned with laces in luxe materials. Mina pays homage to her sister by designing the Huma Kurta in the silhouette Zil-e-Huma wore most often. The Huma kurta is made in pure Chiffon fabric and features delicate floral embroidery on the neckline and the bell sleeves. The designer also looked to the mughal motifs that Zil-e-Huma would often adorn her clothes in, as can be seen in the Hina Kurta and the Inaya Kurtas. 

Mina Hasan’s most fond memories of the past always include the memory of Noor Jehan and Zil-e-Huma cooking dinner for the family in huge daigs. The designer often mentions that her mother and sister’s true hidden talent outside singing was in their abilities to cook the most wonderful desi food. And during this quarantine, she has decided to start cooking her mother and sister’s recipes regularly in the house to honor the influential women in her life. The designer’s nostalgia and memories in the past regarding fashion and food have found a way for her to preserve their legacy for the future. Scroll down and have a look at how to Mina Hasan merged beautiful memories of her past with today’s trends:

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