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In The Spotlight!: Tenerife Cafe Launches Drive In Cinema!
In the Spotlight

In The Spotlight!: Tenerife Cafe Launches Drive In Cinema!

Tenerife Cafe, a fine dining restaurant, is located in one of the posh areas of Lahore, Main Gulberg. It opened its door to the public on 2nd April 2015 offering a wide selection of food and a nice ambiance. With the current situation, Tenerife recently launched a drive in cinema where one can grab their take away and take in a movie.

Tenerife is the fist and only restaurant that introduced the drive in cinema concept which is picking up a trend now.
Customers can tune into FM108 from their cars for a perfect audio visual experience, within the safety of their cars while enjoying their food.
People who come to get takeaways can also enjoy the experience while their food is getting ready and packed.
It is following all the S.O.P. according to the standard provided by W.H.O.
The idea is to give people a safe entertainment, within the vicinity of their cars. A break from their routine of quarantine! Scroll down to check out more!

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