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In The Spotlight!: Seven Bakeries To Satisfy Every Craving!
In the Spotlight

In The Spotlight!: Seven Bakeries To Satisfy Every Craving!

With the current situation, cravings for all the treats are going in all directions. One minute there’s a sudden urge to have cake, and the next it becomes something else. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of all the at home bakeries that are not only practicing the best hygiene standards, but who’s products are scrumptious and worth the try. Whether it’s looking for that customized cake for your loved ones birthday or grabbing a batch of cinnamon rolls to munch on, here are seven bakeries that have one sorted! Scroll down to check out more!

Crumbs not only has cakes and cookies, but also fresh croissants and pastas!
The Toffee Boutique for all things toffee! Whether it’s blondies or Bundt cakes, all things toffee!
Butter Crumbs dark chocolate gooey tart really hits all the right notes!
Emm’s Bakes By Maryam Motiwala has it all! From their brownies to cupcakes to cookies and cakes.
Dip A Dough for all donut cravings!

Cakes By Niffer Khan offer customized cakes and cupcakes for all occasions!
The Rose Finch Bakery with their cinnamon rolls and lemon bars are worth a try!

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