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In The Spotlight!: The MultiSkilled Kiran Malik Talks Routine!
In the Spotlight

In The Spotlight!: The MultiSkilled Kiran Malik Talks Routine!

A woman of many skills and a woman who is open to acquiring a great deal more. From being an actress, a model, an HR consultant, an owner of an online clothing store and a mother, Kiran Malik does it all with passion and a grin. The Zarrar actress recently began developing videos that show her rediscovering an old hobby – styling a timeless look with her own twists that can definitely give one or many ideas to all. We got the chance to ask the beautiful and charming Kiran Malik all about what she’s been up to, from learning new hobbies to yearning for the good days, she shares all. Scroll down to check out more!

Explain a typical morning for you nowadays – what’s the one part of your routine you always look forward to?

Making sure imaans is all set for her online schooling ..check office emails and then 20 mins of workout everyday keeps me going during these difficult times. Before Ramzan I would enjoy my breakfast with a leasurly coffee but now it’s different.

How is your work from home situation working out?

So far very smooth ..thanks to zoom /Microsoft team for online meetings ..

Tell us how your fitness regiment works for you?

I like to keep myself physically and mentally fit so i motivate myself to make 15 to 20 mins of my daily routine about exercising in the home. My playlist helps me along and I try to add new exercises ..thanks to YouTube 😊

You’ve recently showed off your love for styling – tell us how that was rediscovered?

I was getting messaging from my insta followers and magazines that I should do a styling video for over a year and now I as I have plenty of time and want to be productive so I thought of giving it a go.. I’m not a blogger so my videos will be very much how I would wear certain outfit or piece.. but I can promise they won’t be boring 😜

How would you style an all denim look?

Boot cut denim with collar denim shirt.. pony scarf and silver hoops ..

In your stylistic opinion, what’s the one go to look that never fails?

Denim with white shirt or T-shirt ..classic !! Or a Nice black knee length dress

Besides doing office work along with your regular exercise and making your styling videos, what else have you been doing to pass the time?

Experimenting with new recipes .. staying intouch with family and friends ..ohhh and how can I miss not mentioning the fun live insta sessions

What are some of the things you’re looking forward to doing once the global crisis is eased?

Just want to go hug my Amma.. and get back to the simple and everyday life

What has this time indoors taught you?

Importance of my family , health and focus on the NOW

What outfit are you eager to style next?

Eid !!

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