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Ready, Set, Shoot!: Motia By Ansab Jahangir Brings Back Old School Charm!
Ready, Set, Shoot!

Ready, Set, Shoot!: Motia By Ansab Jahangir Brings Back Old School Charm!

The festive period is steadily approaching, and while the world remains on a standstill, it’s imperative to lift ones spirits and remember there’s still a lot left to look forward to. Ansab Jahangir’s glimpses of their latest collections have always left people wanting to not only up their style, but also to remember and bring back the old school charm. Their latest Eid collection, Motia, holds a selection of outfits that are both bold and soft, complete with signature details.

Their recent shoot featuring Ayeza Khan, Fatima Hasan and Anmol Baloch was styled by Anila Murtaza along with art direction by Muhammad Murtaza. The look and feel of each outfit is both breezy and elegant. What we love most is their color palette. From soft pastels to bold solids, Ansab Jahangir always ensures there’s something for everyone. There’s a feeling of familiar unity and a comfort that only the festive season brings, and given the current situation, Motia by Ansab Jahangir swoops in to bring a sprinkle of hope to all. Their collection will be dropping on the 17th of April online only. So if you’re still looking to grab a new outfit for Eid, then we suggest you check out Ansab Jahangir and see what they’ve got in store! Scroll down to check out more!

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