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Project Runway! FPW Day 2 Brings The Color Out with Stella Jean, The Pink Tree Company, Splash Pakistan and Maheen Khan!
Project Runway

Project Runway! FPW Day 2 Brings The Color Out with Stella Jean, The Pink Tree Company, Splash Pakistan and Maheen Khan!

The second day of FPW showcased a wealth of design aesthetics and collection themes. The ramp hosted vibrant colors and sophisticated numbers that were both eastern and western. One could say they were kept on the edge of the seat, as each designer who took part brought on something unique. This year, FPW welcomed the talented Stella Jean who shared her journey up North and the inspiration she drew from indigenous tribes. From the traditional patterns of Stella Jean’s collection to the vibrant colors of Pink Tree Company. From the trendy and style friendly numbers from Splash Pakistan right down to the sentimentality of Maheen Khan’s collection, the second day was quite entertaining! Scroll down to check out more!

Stella Jean

Known to be Georgio Armani’s prodigy, Stella Jean’s brand needs no introduction. The designer traveled to Chitral and other northern parts of Pakistan and grew inspired through their indigenous design techniques, hence incorporating them into this collection. From the glittering runway of Milan Fashion Week, the ramp of FPW saw the unique collection of vibrant patterns and unique cuts. Incorporating both pieces of Italian and Pakistani culture together.

Pink Tree Company

Inspired by the art of technicolour in cinema, Pink Tree Company showcased a series of vibrant sari’s and traditional ensembles that were complete with stunning gota and zardozi embellishments. Their subtle and loud hues of color were distinct, and their playful cuts made a statement. Complete with jewelry from Ali Javeri Jewelers, each number brought on a personality and look.

Splash Pakistan

An international brand that has fit the trends of so many people, both abroad and in Pakistan. Splash brought to the ramp avant gard looks that were bold, classy and fun at the same time! There was funk in each look, and there was all kinds of street style strends from the accessories to the overall outfit. All in all, Splash gave ideas to anyone looking to up their style game!

Maheen Khan

Taken straight from the Maheen archives, this collection was all about bringing back a piece of the past while celebrating women who have stood for the things they’re passionate about. The collection was filled with Maheen’s statement silhouettes that were flowy and solid, as well as pearl accentuated pieces. It was a celebration of the bold spirit every woman has within her, and that alone closed day 2 on an inspirational note.

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