Nomi Ansari has always been known for playing around with colors when fashioning a piece. His unique talent of combining colors and being adventurous with his choice has proved as a tastemaker to many who want to look and feel vibrant. The Nomi Ansari woman is a woman who works the colors as well as the innate elegance and charm the piece possesses. We’ve chosen five bridals that speak to the brands aesthetic as well as the latest trends in bridal fashion. These lehenga choli bridals play with all kinds of colors from bright pink, aqua and red along with soft lilac. Each one is complete with quality embellishments such as gold and silver sequins for that added sparkle. Styled by the talents of Anila Murtaza and Tabesh Khoja, featuring Mushk Kaleem along with jewelry from Ali Javeri Jewelers, this is one thing you’ll definitely want to check out! We suggest you see our top five favorites from Nomi Ansari’s distinct color play! Scroll down to check out more!