1. Tell us about the couture collection you’re showing- what are you hoping the audience will draw from it?

For La Doux Poison, our AW19 Couture collection, we’ve constructed a melange of western and eastern silhouettes featuring our signature pastels and embellishments, merged with our traditional craftsmanship and innovative techniques. You’ll see French inspired beading and indigenous gota and zardozi unfold on luxurious fabrics such as tulles, silk and chamois to create dreamy confections that remind one of a bygone age. Classic but innovative, this line is quintessential Èlan and one that will leave our audience enticed and inspired.

2. How does it feel to have your first show in NY?

I’m very excited! New York is one of the fashion capitals of the world and the art and culture that encompasses the city is extremely intriguing, thus what better place to showcase a collection like La Doux Poison, that like New York, is so full of life and character.

3. Tell us about the process leading up to the show- how did it all happen?

The process of creating a new collection has always been so exciting for me- Taking inspiration from different eras and cultures, getting inspired by colour palettes; constructing and creating and constantly pushing the boundaries.
For ‘Le Doux Poison’, we revisited Èlan’s primal ethos and have re-presented it in a new and fresh manner, thus taking the elements that we are so well known for and merging it with an array of new and experimental silhouettes and techniques, to create a beautiful line of must have ensembles.

4. What else are you hoping Elan to achieve after this show?

Our goal, with every collection and every show, is to take Èlan to newer more exciting heights and to push the boundaries of fashion and art in Pakistan, as well as internationally.

5. What are you hoping to represent about Pakistani fashion through this opportunity?

Pakistani craft and culture is utterly gorgeous and inspirational and at Èlan, even with our experimental and modern techniques, we always amalgamate elements of our indigenous craft into the pieces as homage to our beautiful country.