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Ready, Set, Shoot!: Why You’ll Love Crimson Luxury Lawn’19 By Saira Shakira
Ready, Set, Shoot!

Ready, Set, Shoot!: Why You’ll Love Crimson Luxury Lawn’19 By Saira Shakira

Since their eminent partnership with ace design house Saira Shakira, Crimson Lawn has been at the forefront of top selling luxury lawn brands. Judging from the latest festive Eid edition, this season promises the same if not higher levels of refinement and seasoned techniques that take lawn to couture standards. With Maya Ali as the lawn ambassador and a stunning array of strikingly intricate designs, Crimson X Saira Shakira is set to redefine the lawn game once again.

The feature that immediately sets this series apart is its adventurous mix of vintage old school techniques and materials with modern styling and cuts. The break from an overdose of digital print is a welcome breath of fresh air. The team has instead focused on the art of hand printing and
organza appliques through laser interspersed with a return to hand inspired stitches such as gara, satin embroidery, and French knots. One of our favorite aspects is the re-imagining of the art of sheesha. While mirror work is trending it has not been done on a on a mass commercial scale up until now. A beautiful dupatta from this series has been adorned with something like 650 hand applied sheesas!

The eye also goes to the unique use of lace in this collection however with the focus shifted from the shirt to the dupatta. The timeless chata patti was an unexpected choice for lawn but the ingenious reinterpretation of the technique by Saira Shakira have made it hugely popular with audiences.

In true Saira Shakira style, expect a remarkable twist of both traditional and contemporary fashion. We would definitely recommend taking a cue from the campaign styling and cuts to incorporate that chic modern vibe. The collection will be available for pre-booking online at on the 17th of May so be sure to grab your favorites! Scroll down to view all the luxurious designs!

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