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Top 10 Anything: Wishlist Favorites from Sana Safinaz’s Luxury Lawn 2019!!
Top Ten Anything

Top 10 Anything: Wishlist Favorites from Sana Safinaz’s Luxury Lawn 2019!!

Tonight’s the night ladies! Sana Safinaz SS19 Luxury Lawn Pre-booking opens tonight online at midnight with the nationwide release on 8th March. The look book shot in utterly romantic Venice this year features a tantalizing mix of dreamy soft pastels and dramatic pops of print but the stroke of genius is highlighted in the balance of the two extremes. Not too pale so as to border on boring and not too stark steering clear of the Popsicle parade a lot of lawns get trapped into. Therefore we have painstakingly shortlisted our wishlist favorites from the campaign and here it is!

Catalogna 14B
Admittedly we have a clear weakness for Spanish compositions and Mediterranean blues and yellows. This one is a summer must have and what we love is the ease of the stitching and no troublesome multiple appliqué motifs to deal with. The fabric is entirely embroidered and the silk dupatta adds richness to the already pretty hues.


Veneziano 7B
We predict this one to sell out fast! Magenta florals interspersed with a self-embroidered net base is a classic. Luckily the slip fabric is included so if you’re in the mood for elegant lawn with a formal twist this one’s for you.


Zafferano 4B 

This one is clearly love at first sight! From the summery yellow that allows one to radiate the sunshine of the season, to the avant garde patterns that allow one to look and feel their best dressed! We’re definitely going to be seeing some stylish gals out on the town with this baby! 


Venetian Blue 1B 

The classic Sana Safinaz combination of blue and white carved into intricate patterns is always a winner in any wardrobe! So why not allow this lawn number to be the next best thing in your wardrobe? We know we’re adding this one to our shopping carts first chance we get! 


Reticolo 5B 
The floral embroidery along with the zig zag patterns definitely do us in! What we’ve always admired about Sana Safinaz’s take on lawn is how they’re designed to fit any and every occasion – be it a formal or semi formal gathering. So have your fun with this one because you deserve it! 


Pesca 6B 
This lush pink seals the deal at first sight! The ruffled cuff sleeves along with soft hues of pink is definitely a winner for all the girly girls out there! 


Arancia 8A 
The tassels at the end along with hints of tangy orange is just the right amount of cool to add to your look. Allow this one out of the many SS lawns to help you up your style game! 


Cupola 11A 
We predict this one to be a hit this season! Possessing all of the color hues that attest to the beauty of spring along with intricate embroidery, this baby has you turning heads wherever you go! 


Cinese 12B 
Now this is the quintessential Sana Safinaz lawn piece that’s not only a head turner, but a faithful statement piece that you’ll always be able to turn to, no matter how far the winds of fashion may blow. What catches our eye is the gorgeous dupatta that holds checkered patterns complete with a large floral print that’s a testament to the sunny months ahead! 


Bianco 2B 
A classic white paired with a beautifully colored dupatta never goes out of style! With this lawn style, Sana Safinaz has added their own touch to this by adding signature patterns on the dupatta along with slick cuts to the silhouette. What we love most about this number is the freedom it oozes to accessorize it however you want. 


And there you have it ladies! Our top 10 favorites from Sana Safinaz! We hope your hearts have been hooked onto one of them! Prebook tonight at 12 midnight at Nationwide release on 8th March.


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