Sapphire’s aim has always been to grace the woman wearing it with a look that’ll allow her to feel empowered and ready to take on the world. Hence, it comes as no surprise that everyone waits with bated breath for the brand’s new collections.

This year, however, Sapphire managed to put a spin on the Lawn fever by introducing Sapphire Studio Series – a unique initiative that attempts to engage with the masses by making them a part of their journey.

The Sapphire Studio Series, which will be a regular feature in the world of Sapphire, kicked off by introducing the six different lines that Sapphire is launching in its upcoming Lawn Vol. I collection.

Divided into six episodes, the Studio Series takes us behind-the-scenes, giving us a peak into the world of Sapphire. Each episode corresponds to a specific line, recounting its journey and the hard work that went behind it. What stands out is the meticulous planning and attention-to-detail that is evident every step of the way. From conceptualization to the finished product and from devising a marketing and communications strategy to the visual representation of each line, the series beautifully recreates every step that essentially brings the product to life.

After binge-watching the series, we believe that the win for the campaign is in its attempt to involve its customer by helping her understand the thought process behind each line while establishing the line’s individual identity.

Kudos to Sapphire for coming up with a novel campaign idea. Have a look at the episodes and let us know your favorite.