From 2014 till now, Hobo has remained your faithful partner in finding just the right accessory to fit your style quotient. They’ve also been the ones that have encouraged us to change our style with their playfulness in their products. From shoes that allow you to put your best foot forward to bags that allow you to carry your chicness with pride, Hobo By Hub has never let us down. Their new range of shoes is just the thing you need for the remaining mania that is shaadi season!

Even though it’s a new year and we think we’ve seen the last of the long nights of partying and weddings, it’s not long before the next invite gets delivered to your house and you’re left wondering if the shoes you wore the night before would suffice for the next night. That’s where Hobo comes in. This new collection captures all of ones needs – something that’s comfortable to wear and fashionable at the same time. So if you’re still searching for some new shoes, then we suggest you check them out now! Scroll down to check out more!