Since the launch of her brand in 2010, Sana Salman has remained loyal to her motto, “A dress can change your life.” From putting out collections that strike the hearts of women from all ages to paying homage to traditional styles, Sana Salman’s brand has blossomed into one of the most fashion forward brands in Pakistan. The brand aesthetic of mixing traditional crafts along with modern techniques  has given women all over the country a chance to exude their femininity and grace, while simultaneously making them feel unique in their own look. Her new autumn winter heirloom collection, Meri Humjoliyan, allows us to believe in magic. It allows us as women to feel empowered to look our best while traveling through life.

With the wedding season steadily approaching, there’s an urgency sworming in the air to get new clothes made, either for your cousin’s wedding or your bestie’s wedding. You want to wear the outfit that’ll have you breezy for the dances while also allowing you to look composed. Meri Humjoliyan features a selection of heavily embellished lehenga’s and other outfits that hold soft hues and elegant details that portray the ethereal winter charm. Scroll down to check out more, and if you like what you see, then visit Sana Salman’s page for more information!