The wedding season is steadily approaching, which means ladies all over are scrummaging to look for their new occasion formal, and bride to be’s are searching for a bridal that fits their dream dress. Nickie Nina definitely has all of you covered – with wedding formals and bridals all under one brand! With 20 years of being the pioneers for bridals and formal wear, Nickie Nina unarguably offers a range of outfits that exude finesse as well as accentuate the feminine beauty.

It’s important it is to sample different looks until you find the right one. Particularly if you’re the bride and groom. Nobody understands this better than Nickie Nina. What we love about them most is their strive to flatter everyone’s sense of style while also being tastemakers and suggesting new ways to up your style! From their lively color palette to their quality fabrics and craftsmanship, they help piece together ensembles that ensure the person wearing it to stand out and slay!

Our celebrities picked a mixture of different Nickie Nina creations to help create their looks for the upcoming wedding season. They’ve paired them with jamawaars, organza, chiffon, raw silk and net pieces in a very distinct way. It helps show that Nickie Nina have always been patrons to cultural beauty, but are also not opposed to infusing modernism in each of their pieces. So if your closet has been begging you for a new formal, or if you’re a bride on the look out, then we suggest you scroll down to check out more!