The summer months can be merciless with each day being hotter than the last. It is essential to adapt our skincare routine to the changing seasons especially during summer when sun exposure increases. However, we must maintain our regular skincare routine as well. So do apply sunblock but don’t skip out on moisturizer. Although the humidity makes your skin sweaty it can still get dry in the summer. How many of us have experienced dry, patchy and dehydrated skin during this time?

A light weight moisturizer such as Physiogel is perfect for hot and humid days. Physiogel products are scientifically proven to improve the skin’s appearance. They contain BioMimic Technology, a science that soothes, repairs and restores the skin’s natural moisture barrier. This is due to the lipids contained in its advanced formulation that replenish the skins natural lipids and seal in moisture. This BioMimic Technology is what sets Physiogel apart from its competitors. It is perfect for those prone to dry and sensitive skin, containing no fragrances, colorants and preservatives,

Start your morning skincare routine by incorporating Physiogel Daily Defense Cream which also has an SPF 15. After using face wash which is sometimes drying, hydrate skin by applying moisturizer. This skincare routine should ensure healthy, glowing, and confident skin. Have a look at our favorite Physiogel products below:

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