The co-creative head behind designer brand Ayesha Somaya and Brands Just Pret is back with a brand new endeavor- this time completely changing Karachi’s fashion scene; Somaya plans on bringing some of Lahore’s finest designer brands to Karachi with a new store by the name of Runway Eleven. Including names such as Saira Shakira, Zuria Dor, Saira Rizwan and Karachi based designer Rozina Munib- a one stop shop that already has us excited! Scroll down and check out Secret Closet’s exclusive preview at the new store along with an interview with Somaya:

You recently opened an Ayesha Somaya Store in Lahore, what made you want to take on another endeavor on such a large scale? 

Ayesha Somaya is my creative venture with Ayesha Sohail and we complete 10 years in the business this year and are thrilled with our Lahore store and the response it has received. Brands Just Pret is my entrepreneurial venture with Hadi and Hasaah who are based in UAE and we have opened our 6th store in Islamabad at Giga Mall last month which caters to fast affordable fashion. Runway Eleven is a new venture by the same team at BRANDS Just Pret which caters to an un-served market in Karachi and aims to target the high end couture which Lahore has to offer to a fashion forward Karachi market. Runway promises to be a game changer by launching concept stores for designers who cannot expand to strong retail territories due to logistics and operational challenges.

Why do you think there is a growing demand for Lahore designers clothing in Karachi recently?

Lahore has suddenly evolved as the fashion capital of Pakistan with new millennial and extremely talented designers. Zuria Dor, Saira Shakira and Saira Rizwan have stunning aesthetics and are constantly innovating and will create a huge buzz in Karachi with their latest fashion week collections.

Tell us about the store interior and how you have been involved in its design?

The interior has been designed by Irfan of Architects Inc. It is luxury at its best. We wanted to give the customer an experience of pure grandeur and luxury which goes hand in hand with ordering couture and bespoke bridal and
formal wear. Hadi, Hasaah and I have been involved with each milestone of this store from choosing the perfect layout, finishing textures and the brand logo design. It is our second venture together and we hope it excites
everyone as much as it has motivated us.

What would you say this new brands signature style is?
Luxury luxury and luxury. Bespoke couture, impeccable craftsmanship and grandeur.

What made you choose these particular designers to stock at your store? 
They are the best. Innovative, exciting and immensely talented. They will take Karachi by storm!

What do you think is the main difference creatively between Lahore and Karachi’s design aesthetic? How would you compare both?
Both have their own styles. Karachi is more subtle. Lahore has more flamboyance.

Where will the Runway Eleven store be located?
At Bokhari commercial in phase 6 dha.

What can we expect to see available at Runway Eleven? Will it be luxury pret and casuals or bridals and formals too?
Off the runway collections, formals, bridals and luxury pret off the rack exclusive to Runway Eleven only.