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Behind The Scenes: Taking Pakistani Fashion Global- Yasmeen Jiwa Is All Set To Showcase At Paris Fashion Week!
Behind the Scenes

Behind The Scenes: Taking Pakistani Fashion Global- Yasmeen Jiwa Is All Set To Showcase At Paris Fashion Week!

A true fashion legend in Pakistan, Yasmeen Jiwa has built her label brick by brick over the last two decades. She is renowned both at home and abroad for her exotic, luxurious bridals and formals along with her casual retail pret and luxury pret ranges as well. Her invaluable experience and innate aesthetic shines through all her creations be they pret, formal, or bridals. The brands signature aesthetic has been considered to be a fun mix of elegant and classy with an edge.

This season Yasmeen takes her brand to new heights- going to the heart of the fashion world; Paris! Showcasing her couture looks on a global platform at Paris Fashion Week in association with Oxford Fashion Studio ; we were lucky enough to get an exclusive sneak peek of the designs before they hit the runway. The collection is an ode to “Qous-o-Qazah”- The literal meaning is an arch of colors visible in the sky caused by sun and water droplets better known as a rainbow. The range of bespoke ensembles aim to evoke the same emotions one feels when one goes through a grey dark moment to eventually experience brighter experiences and emotions.

The palette used includes shades of silver grays, windy blues and shimmering silver mist with pops of citrus and rich reds.  The collection plans to create a chilling yet soothing feeling to the audience with this very unique play on colors. We spot some gorgeous silhouettes- intricately sketched we can’t wait to see the designers combination of gowns and skirts as well as trousers. Each piece of the collection has been hand embroidery in which thousands of hours were spent by artisans to create a range of designs that are all about fusing the glamour of Pakistani culture with elements of the western world- accomplishing this task by including traditional techniques of mirror, thread, sequence, and lace work into the range. Elegance, class and truly unique- we can’t wait to see these designs hit the run way!







 Photography by Qudsia Farukh from QZB| View The Yasmeen Jiwa Profile

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