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Top Ten Anything: 2018 New Years Resolutions Everyone Should Follow!
Top Ten Anything

Top Ten Anything: 2018 New Years Resolutions Everyone Should Follow!

New year, new me! Start the year off on the right note- we know how difficult it is to keep a new years resolution but even the tiniest change in one’s routine can make an enormous difference to your life. We’ve compiled a list of simple tips and tricks everyone can follow to star 2o18 just right- opt for a fresh salad instead of that cheese burger, get up and walk for thirty minutes instead of sitting in bed and watching that episode of Game of Thrones! Scroll down and check out our New Year’s resolutions that you can follow too:


Grab A Salad

Put down that slice of pizza and head over to Xander’s for a yummy and filling salad- trust us, you’ll thank us later!


Heal Your Hair & Skin

Post December wedding madness- one’s hair and skin really takes a toll; we suggest Salina Cosmetics Healing Glow massage oil- lather it on your skin and massage it along the roots of your hair and repair any damage that’s been done!


Take A Fashionable Risk

Wear that pair of pants you weren’t confident enough to wear last year, slip on that brightly colored top you weren’t sure about! Make a statement in 2018; you’ll definitely feel empowered.


Get Them Gains 

We know everyone vows to lose weight at the beginning of every year but this year head over to Studio X and have a go at one of their many diverse classes! You definitely won’t get bored with so many options calling out your name.


Flush Out Toxins 

Start the new year fresh and have yourself one healthy juice a day- your body will thank you! We love The Ultimate Detox’s variety of juices and smoothies!


Get The Perfect Pout

Conatural’s natural lip scrub is made of all organic ingredients and will ensure you get that perfect pout in 2018!


Say Goodbye to Dark Circles

We’re currently obsessed with Korean beauty products and luckily Coral Bliss provides us with all the skin care essentials we need- get your crucial 8 hours of sleep every night and dab a little bit of their under eye cream for a refreshed morning look!


Pamper Yourself

There’s no harm in pampering yourself once in a while- let 2018 be your year! Head over to Bellagio Salon & Spa and get a much needed facial- you’ll look and feel much better.


Go Bold

Don’t be afraid of trying out new makeup trends- wear that risque shade of red lip stick you’ve always been eyeing; we can’t wait to get our hands on Rihanna’s crimson colored lippy this season!



Lastly, drink more water! This may sound difficult with everyone’s busy work schedule’s but get yourself a quirky water bottle and carry it around wherever you go- sipping away throughout the day!

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