Join in this winter season and collectively connect with your breath, flow through a series powerful yoga poses; Followed by deep Yin stretches, observe that subtle energy in the body, calm the body and rejuvenate the mind. Ultimate dive into a deep state of relaxation! Here’s five reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on Sunset Yoga with Jeannette Faruque and Salina Taqi:

sunset_yoga_blog_novenber_2017_540_011. Free Herbal Tea by Teazuro:  Enjoy the following delicious tea’s by Teazuro, Pakistan’s premium tea company. The brand searches for the finest teas, flowers and herbs, bring them to Pakistan and meticulously cup out each ingredient, carefully selecting each element of the blend. To ensure the best product they have partnered with professional tea tasters in Germany to create unique blends that are made using the highest quality ingredients, organically grown and sourced from suppliers certified by the Ethical Tea Partnership.


Cleanse: Reach for this calming herbal blend. Ginger and fennel smooth and sooth while orange lends a sweet uplifting note. Made with only natural ingredients, this tea will help improve your entire digestive system.

Turmeric Healing: A delicious, bold and aromatic blend of turmeric, cinnamon, aniseed, cocoa shells and ginger. Packed with health benefits, it has anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants, boosts vitality and energy, stimulates appetite and helps digestion.


2. The Ultimate Detox : Pakistan’s first cold press & super food juice & smoothie bar will be setting up a live Juice Bar. (Their best selling new smoothies will be available for you to purchase after the session) Our personal favourite is the peanut butter cup.


3. Enjoy free Aromatherapy Massage compliments Mint Beauty Salon & Salina Cosmetics: This rejuvenating yoga practice is further supported by aromatherapy massages. Enjoy complimentary aromatherapy head, back & neck massages to release blockages. Aroma’s to pick from: Healing Glow: Eucalyptus, Mint & Camphor Oil & Revital Glow: lemongrass & Coconut Oil


4. The Dynamic Duo: Power Yoga & Ashtanga Guru, Jeannette Faruque & Universal Vinyasa Yogi Salina Taqi come together to teach this 1.5 hour session. Combining Jeannette’s high power & Salina’s Yin & restorative skills this practice will be the perfect YIN YANG combination for a balanced mind, body & soul.



5. The SUNSET: Take out time for the self. Amidst the winter madness join in to center and align your energies under the beautiful open skies. Enjoy the serene sunset as you practice your favourite yoga poses. Become mindful while you create a physical & energetic balance. Time to center, energies and enjoy nature.