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Whats in Store: Inside Look At An Address Home Interior Project!
What's in Store

Whats in Store: Inside Look At An Address Home Interior Project!

Address is an interiors company that specialises in furniture and interior design services. They have their own in house production and stock imported furniture pieces. They also have a vast collection for kids! Make your house look spectacular with their stunning furniture and accessories. Check out Address’s sleek, sophisticated basement bar.

This beautiful entertaining area has a chiselled grey stone wall with a built in niche and mirror-Inside rests a life size Buddha! The idea for it to be at the entrance is to welcome guests and radiate positive vibes.

The furniture is mostly straight lined and contemporary. The bar counter is made up of cement and chiseled stone. Fun fact- at night it lits up with led lights. How fascinating is that? The other wall is cemented with a beautiful cement texture that took a lot of hard work and was very tricky to achieve the right finish. It has a series of bevelled mirror that looks like beautiful artwork. The bar wall has chrome dado railing and a unique motif in black lacquer finish to match the paint colour.The opposite wall has a subtle minimalistic artwork by Amean J called ‘White Lies.’ The entire space is in warm shades of grey, black and white. The rug, that is from Afghan carpet’s new contemporary line is the most extraordinary element. They wanted it to stand out and be the highlight of the space that ties up everything cohesively. From the rug, they derived a colour palette for the cushions and corresponding chairs in shade of aqua blue. Have a look at this creative space below:











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