We caught up with Sadaf Fawad Khan, creative director at Silk by Fawad Khan to get all the juicy details on her upcoming bridal showcase at PFDC L’oreal Pakistan Bridal Week’17. Speaking to the designer on what to expect during her debut fashion show- discussing everything from silhouettes, color palettes, inspirations, themes and so much more! Named after her daughter Elayna- meaning ‘shining light’ the bridal couture line will be all about glitz, glamour and tons of sparkle! Have a look at our interview with the designer below:


1. What can we expect to see with your upcoming debut at PLBW? 
 Lots of sparkle and quite a bit of color!


2. What was the inspiration behind your latest creations for PLBW?
 The color palette takes inspiration from the moonbow ( lunar rainbow). Taking from the same concept we have worked with a lot of crystal work to the designs.


3. Have you always been interested in designing bridals?  
 I can’t say! But yes, that’s the latest interest for now.


4. What about fashion and designing captured your attention and made you want to design? 
The law of attraction of women to fashion.


 5. How many ensembles can we expect to see at the show?

 We have a total of 16 bridal couture gowns ready for the showcase!


6. What themes and color schemes have you envisioned for the fall season? 
I think seasons don’t dictate colors . Color is a matter of personal choice and what works well against your skin and moods. We aren’t slaves to fashion forecasts and must stick by what suits our personalities.
Watch this space for the latest updates on PFDC L’oreal Pakistan Bridal Week’17- we can’t wait to see Sadaf Fawad’s fall creations and more during the three day extravaganza!