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What’s In Store: Khaadi’s Revamped Online Shopping Experience!
What's in Store

What’s In Store: Khaadi’s Revamped Online Shopping Experience!

One of our favorite pass times has got to be online shopping and all done at the click of a button! This weekend we scrolled over to Khaadi’s revamped website to get in our weekend shopping fix- quick, simple and easy to use; the website was a breeze to get through. With categories laid out in order of our preference- the online store has a wide array of options to choose from- including everything from their latest collections to womens wear, mens clothing, kids options and accessories!

Luckily for us; the new web experience let us enjoy flat 30% off on everything so you know we went all out! Purchasing some of our favorite Khaadi items- we absolutely adored their casual chic cross body bag featuring Kashmiri floral embroidery; perfect for when we’re out and about running errands. Scrolling the website we couldn’t help but notice their adorable selections for children- from cold shoulder kurta’s to western wear tops, we loved how the website provides several options at affordable prices! Gentlemen, Khaadi has all your shopping needs sorted too- skip that dreaded trip to the mall and order your kameez shalwars right from home. So there you have it, tread forward and head over to and add to cart! Check out some of our top picks from their online store below:









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