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Trend Alert: Get On Board with these 5 Summer Styles!
Trend Alert

Trend Alert: Get On Board with these 5 Summer Styles!

Sweltering temperatures aside summer has to be our favourite season fashion-wise. It’s the best time to let loose and experiment with fun new trends as everyone is on vacation and can explore different street styles from around the world. Also leading to the best way to figure out your own dynamic style game. Be it cool lipstick shades, flamboyant silhouettes or oversized sunnies- we are suckers for dare-to-wear. Have a look at 5 of our current favorite trends to try!



Kat Von D’s liquid lipsticks are all the hype this season! With a smooth matte finish and such refreshing sultry shades, we are spoilt for choice. Lolita and Double dare are most popular and our favourite- If you have not bought them yet, time to spend your money on these goodies!



The bigger the frame, the classier you look! We have always adored the over sized sunnies trend. It gives you a mysterious look and flatters your face. Be it a brunch or lunch, you cannot leave the house without a pair of sunglasses. We love how these gorgeous fashionistas look effortlessly chic in their summer sunnies.



Looking for comfortable yet stellar footwear? These furry slides have had our hearts since they came into existence. The ease of not having to change footwear when stepping out is a major selling point. Be it PUMA or MIU MIU, we have definitely added these furry friends to our closets!



We remember our head-band obsession way back when everyone was crazy after the ‘Gossip Girl’ school-girl Bows and head turbans looked super cute to add an oomph to your outfit. No doubt fashion repeats itself, and we cannot help but fall in love with this trend all over again. Here we see Chiara Ferrangi, Maira Pagganwala and Natasia Khalid giving us major cool kid vibes with their headband game on point.


How creative are those jeans worn by Cara Delevingne? Embroidered jeans look fantastic on any body type. Add a playful vibe to your entire summer wardrobe. Wear it with a white crisp top or a yellow crop top like Amal Clooney and stand out in a crowd! Check out ZARA if you really want the full range of this style!

Which trends will you be adding to your look this mid-summer?

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