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Style Notes: 5 Bridal Makeup Fairy Godmothers
Style Notes

Style Notes: 5 Bridal Makeup Fairy Godmothers

Even though the energy of summertime is about being wild and free and comfortable in your skin, it’s also wedding season, which means brides are searching for their perfect make up Godmother! Your wedding day will likely be the most photographed day of your life so it’s natural to want to look your best for the most important day. Hence, you need a make-up artist who highlights your individual features, and brings out the best version of yourself. If you’re a bride-to-be looking to lock who to trust with your makeup, here are our top picks to make the process a little easier!


Anam Farooq Khan

The make-up maestro Anam Farooq Khan gives dramatic smoky eyes for this mendhi bride, making her looking drop dead gorgeous!



Shamain is a make-up magician! She gives a flawless and subdued look to her brides, yet it demands attention. Brides go to her usually for their Wedding and Valima days yet she  manages to give completely different looks, which make quite a statement!


Bina Khan

Bina Khan gives a look which is dramatic, but elegant and a little bit wistful. She gave this bride a creamy base, soft but intense eyes and a gently ombred lip. This kind of look can never go out of style!


Natasha Salon

Natasha is like the fairy god-mother of brides, giving them her signature 100 watt skin and making them look flawless! She has given this bride a soft shimmering eye in silvers and grays, and a beautiful pink pout making her look like a real life princess!


Nabila Salon

Nabila is another force to be reckoned with! Here she has given the famous actress Urwa Hoccaine a completely natural look, not afraid to let her natural skin tone shine through and make her look absolutely ravishing!

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