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Health and Beauty : Ten Easy Steps To Stay healthy and Energized during Ramzan!
Health & Beauty

Health and Beauty : Ten Easy Steps To Stay healthy and Energized during Ramzan!

The  holy month of fasting and spiritual renewal is here which means it’s time to practice self abstinence and patience along with maintaining a healthy life style! We know one can get sluggish and lethargic while fasting so here are some tips on how to keep yourself healthy and fit during Ramadan:

Sehri- The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Firstly, always make it a habit to have sehri; never skip!  The pre-dawn meal keeps your body hydrated and energetic until your next meal at iftar. Try having carbohydrates, proteins and fiber rich foods such as oats, cereals, vegetables , fruits,eggs and cheese! Bananas and yogurt are highly recommended because of high potassium levels that give you energy through out the day.


Avoid Processed Sugar

No matter how tempting that massive plate of pastries look, avoid having too many processed sugar items! These are high on fat and low on nutrients. If you have a major sweet tooth and really crave something sweet, try having a bowl of fresh fruit trifle or even a small bite of a desert-nobody likes gaining those extra pounds!


Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables is the best form of food one can have! They are generally rich in vitamins and have high water levels. Watermelon, cucumbers and even coconut water are your best options!


Avoid Caffeine

You might think caffeine boosts your energy level, but you are wrong. Instead it makes you thirsty and dehydrated the next day. Best is to avoid any sort of caffeine- be it coffee, tea or energy drinks.


Water Is Key

Hydrate hydrate and hydrate some more! The key to keeping a successful fast is to have plenty of water! Jugs of RoohAfza and all other sweetened special drinks are nothing but sugar, water is the number one option! Have at least 8-12 glasses of water from after iftar till sehri and you will feel refreshed the whole day.


Do not over eat

When it comes to iftar, all of us literally eat whatever we see! We know it’s difficult but try breaking your fast by having a date and a glass of water. Slowly start eating bigger meals instead of binge eating.


Avoid Deep fried/Oily Items

Pakoras are a delicious, mouth watering food item and we all wait to have them either on a rainy day or Ramzan. We know its impossible to not eat pakoras but do not have more than 2; try baking or air frying them instead!


Energy Smoothies

Smoothies have to be our favorite! Make your own fruit or nutritious smoothies like strawberry and yogurt or dates and milk at home. Always lifts up the energy level and gives you strength.

Freshly prepared organic drinks

DIY Mask

Need an energy booster? Make your own DIY cooling mask at home; mix some honey, blended cucumbers and yogurt together. Apply this mask for 15-20 minutes you’ll feel fresher and see instant glowing skin!


Working Out

Do not over exert yourself with an intense work out routine! Try working out at least half an hour before iftar so that your body is re-hydrated. But best is to workout an hour or two after iftar once your food has been digested.


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