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Health & Beauty: 5 Fun Fitness Classes You’ll Absolutely Love!
Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty: 5 Fun Fitness Classes You’ll Absolutely Love!

Lately, it seems like everyone has become a fitness freak and is highly conscious of their weight! For the long run we think this is an amazing initiative.Due to the increase in new gyms and fitness studios, people are now getting out of their houses and working out! Weight loss is a difficult task and only experienced, highly qualified trainers can help you achieve your goal weight! Karachites are super lucky as we have a variety of talented trainers who have introduced fun innovative methods for everyone to shed those extra pounds easily. Lets have a look at the top 5 fitness studios of Karachi:



Introducing ‘Boogie Bounce’ a funky fat burning program on mini trampolines with a safety bar, choreographed by famous choreographers like Talal Rehman along to the chart topping music! Every muscle in the body is worked, including your facial muscles! Burn up to 800 calories, how exciting is that? With mixed classes and female only classes MUV base camp gives you options you will definitely be comfortable with! Session starts: 29th May-23rd June| Timings: Mon 9-9 45 Tue-Thurs 8-8 45(Ladies only)| Charges: from Rs10,000-Rs13,000



Spinning class sounds super fun! Get ready to sweat, push and challenge your mind and body where it has never gone before! 45 minutes of intense indoor cycling to the best music tracks. Get on that cycle and start peddling! Trainers: Fuzzy, Ayesha and Arshy| Registrations open-Membership Rs10,000| Charges: Depending on how many classes you would take a month.



Get ready for FZM’s Ramadan Bootcamp! A combination of intense Pilates, strength training and Ramadan specific meal plans! FZM will make sure to shred out all that fat from your body! Book your slots now! Trainers: Fatima, Komal and Suhera |Timings: Mon-Sat: 4pm-4 45pm |Charges: Rs16,500 Rs 12,500(3 times a week)


K7 -Fitness & Kickboxing Academy

Ladies looking to tone, build muscle and burn fat? Head over to K7 fitness for a high energy class. A mix of balance, burn, built and blend! K7 is highly famous for its kickboxing. Timings: Tue, Thurs & Sat: 9-10am Mon, Wed & Fri : 5-6pm |Charges: Depending on how many classes you would take a month. 3 times a month- Rs10,000.


Shazrays Yoga

Experience gentle yoga at Shahzrays! Get healed by nature, inspired by the presence of community and moved by yoga, music and connection. Grab your yoga mats and dive into the spiritual healing. Trainer: Shazray |Follow her instagram for more details: shazraysyoga.

So there you have it, the top 5 fitness studios of Karachi. No more being lazy and sitting around! Get up and hit the gym to reach your goal weight!

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