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Health & Beauty: Your Guide To Summer Skin Care!
Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty: Your Guide To Summer Skin Care!

As much as we love the summer and spending our weekends chilling at the beach we definitely loath the humidity the summer months bring and the toll it takes on our skin. However, there’s no need to worry ladies we’ve got a list of summer skin care tips that will keep you looking extra fine all summer long. They’re easy to follow and will keep you looking sun kissed in no time! Check out our top tricks for getting your skin summer ready below.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! 

First things first, hydrate! It’s crucial to stay hydrated during the summer months; jazz up your water with a couple of lemon wedges and orange slices with mint for a refreshing healthy drink- not only will this taste great but it’ll give you that extra glow!


Sheet Masks For The Win

Sheet masks are all the rage this year- whether you choose Lancome, Garnier or any other company these masks will definitely brighten up your skin giving you a natural dewy summer look.


Oil Blotting Strips

Oil blotching pads are summer essentials- keep them in your purse and blot away when you feel your face getting too oily in the summer heat!


Glow Up With A Face Mask

Salina Cosmetics Orglow organic face mask is great for tightening up your skin; we say smother it on your face, arms and legs then hop in the shower- you’ll feel brand new in no time!


Activated Charcoal

Clear out those pesky clogged pours with Conatural’s activated charcoal detox bar- made without preservatives and chemicals; this bar will help clear up pesky summer pimples and white heads!

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