Continuing the excitement from Day 1, PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Day 2 featured a fabulous array of designer wear looks; from Amir Adnan, Saira Rizwan, Cross Stitch, Sapphire, Tena Durrani and Ethnic by Outfitters. A stunning mix of high street and luxury pret works- each designer brought something new to the fashion scene; check out our favorites from the night below.

Amir Adnan

Amir Adnan is constantly re-envisioning mens wear and trying to take it a step further; this season the designer showcased his ‘Revisiting Heritage’ collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week’s Luxury Prét segment. The menswear collection took a step back and revisited traditional south Asian wedding wear looks. Encapsulating the style and grace of the yesteryear’s we loved his take on making a traditional ensemble seem current with the use of vibrant shades of rich purples, indigo blues and mustard yellows.

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_2_red carpet_540_01

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Saira Rizwan

This season it’s all about big bold monochrome stripes. Hippy chic is what comes to mind when viewing Saira Rizwan’s collection. The designers ‘Summer of Love’ collection captured the essence of today- taking inspiration from the literary movement ‘Beat Generation’ from 1960 aimed to iterate a message celebrating peace and love over war. The luxury pret line featured an eclectic mix of bell bottoms, fringed finishings, ruffled sleeves and off shoulder looks- making it both funky and trendy all together!

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_2_red carpet_540_09

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psfw_april_2017_blog_day_2_red carpet_540_16

Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch’s ‘Holographic Memory’ collection was all about creating a statement- presenting vivacious color schemes, eccentric cuts distinctive detailing; the collection was for the confident woman of today. We witnessed models rocking the runway in bright shades of emerald green, coral pinks and ink blues with three dimentional embellishments and bold jewelry that we absolutely adored- pure luxury!

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_2_red carpet_540_17

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_2_red carpet_540_18

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_2_red carpet_540_19

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psfw_april_2017_blog_day_2_red carpet_540_21

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_2_red carpet_540_24


Never one to disappoint; Khadija Shah pulled out all the stops when it came to their Luxury Pret line ‘Totem’. Inspired by oriental imagery and narrative paintings the collection was a feast for the eyes- from asymmetrical ruffled off shoulders to kimono style wraps in mature earthy color palettes of sleek blacks, navy blues, neutral beige’s and classic whites; we couldn’t keep our eyes off the run way! Every girl needs a statement black outfit in her armoire and we’ve got our hearts set on the brands ruffled off shoulder look paired with glamorous tassel earrings and organza finished pants; this look along gets a special shout out!

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_2_red carpet_540_25

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_2_red carpet_540_26

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_2_red carpet_540_27

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psfw_april_2017_blog_day_2_red carpet_540_32

Ethnic By Outfitters

Stand out show of the night- Ethnic by Outfitters blew us away with its ‘Denim Patched-Up’ collection. The street style collection revolved around offbeat and avant-garde fashion inspired by contemporary culture of urban street style. Bringing an extra aspect of entertainment to the show with their multifaceted looks- Ethnic created outfits that can be worn to a high fashion event or to a casual evening soiree. A versatile collection with elements that can all be paired together or separately; the line of clothing truly brought something new and different to the local fashion scene.

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_2_red carpet_540_33

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psfw_april_2017_blog_day_2_red carpet_540_37

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_2_red carpet_540_40

Tena Durrani

Classic, sophisticated and glamorous- Tena Durrani’s ‘The Debut – Alchemy’ was made for style savvy fashionistas. A range of mixed materials from organza to mesh, nets and silks; the collection was an ode to the glamorous woman of today. Using deep colored hues and delicate detailing- we fell in awe of the designers lush deep green look; highlighting an asymmetrical ruffled hem line and gold hand work this outfit is definitely on our ultimate crush list!

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_2_red carpet_540_41

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_2_red carpet_540_42

psfw_april_2017_blog_day_2_red carpet_540_43

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