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Trend Alert: whats ‘in’ and whats ‘out’ in 2017!
Trend Alert

Trend Alert: whats ‘in’ and whats ‘out’ in 2017!

Ladies 2017 is here and its time to re-evaluate our wardrobes and start a-fresh. They say ‘a new year, a new you’- we say a new year, a new wardrobe and that equals to a new YOU! Hence we rounded up a list of ‘in’ and ‘out’ trends for the year so you can get a heads up on what to look out for. Luckily for us Pakistani gals, embroidery will continue to trend. And even better we might just spot some A-listers pairing their dresses with pants! Now we all know how much we love that fashion locally; trick is to pull it off stylishly without it looking a little tacky to down right shabby. Check out the rest below:


Statement earrings were a hot trend in 2016 and we feel they are here to stay and this time with more of a bang! What better way to spice up your look than a pair of striking, dangly earrings?!


Khaki pants- though denim will always be a classic go-to staple, why not try a pair of khaki’s? and you’re more than welcome to dress em up or dress em down this year- its safe to play!


Is it just us or do hand bags keep getting smaller? In today’s day and age all you really need is your mobile phone and looks like this year it will be an ‘it’ trend. If you’re crazy for labels this Louis Vuitton phone case bag is a definite must-have in your wardrobe!


You can now certainly think pink! For all you pink lovers this is your year; it sure is for Anish Kapoor! Is it too early to say pink is the new black? well let us see!


Statements are out and slogans are ‘in’ they say! Get yourself a bunch of slogan tee’s and pair em up with anything really, for an effortlessly chic and savvy appeal.


Stripes stripes stripes! These should be equivalent to your classic LBDs this year. Wear them in any form- the bolder the better!


Block heels and mules- in 2017 you can continue to be fashionably comfortable and save your footsies the pain on nights out!


Pouting just got hotter! Bold lips will be all the rage in 2017 and ‘oxblood’ should be your go to colour. Keep the rest of the make up minimal.

OUT IN 2017


Sorry ladies but the off shoulder must go! It’s been a little over done dont you think? It’s still a fun and attractive fashion and might stick around low key, but we suggest you concentrate on pretty ruffles instead!


Skinny jeans have been a favourite but we all know how hard it is too stay in shape to don a pair of those! But you’re in luck, the straight fit is back in fashion!


The cold shoulder/peek-a-boo sleeves are on our ‘out’ list big time, more than the off shoulder- we say trash em!


You know how you hate that you cant get those white sneakers clean enough? Toss em and get yourself a pair of fancy lace ups instead! Think jewels and  patches!

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