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Ready, Set, Shoot: Ammara Khan’s Lates Bridal Collection ‘IL GIGLIO’
Ready, Set, Shoot!

Ready, Set, Shoot: Ammara Khan’s Lates Bridal Collection ‘IL GIGLIO’

Ammara Khan’s latest collection is at the top of our hit list this season-creating a line of hand embellished bridal wear! Featuring a wide array of breathtakingly beautiful designs we absolutely love the detailing on her mint green and white embellished bridal ensemble- fit for a princess.We got in touch with the designer to get the scoop on this fabulous collection and how it is different from anything else we’ve seen!

1. Which current bridal trends have you incorporated in this collection?
I don’t follow trends when I work on creating a new collection. I intuitively take a direction to design when it comes to silhouette and color palette.
Shorter silhouettes like we have been doing for the past 2 years.
This season we have incorporated shorter pants into the collection. The hemlines are flared and a refreshing change to the cigarette pants we’ve been doing last few seasons.
Necklines remain broad and heavily worked full sleeves are part of each design.

2. What makes this collection unique? Any different techniques/materials/colors etc

Designing couture which is innovative and always original is a very significant part of the Ammara Khan design philosophy. Our color palette is different to our past 2 collections. We have worked with a Deep Red with antique gold work, there’s gorgeous Blush pink tone and shades of Turquoise.

3. What kind of an appeal is an ‘il giglio’ bride going to give off?
The Ammara Khan “Il Giglio” bride is timeless, resplendent, and fit for a princess.

4. What is the inspiration behind this collection and why?
“Il Giglio” (The Lily), is inspired by the beauty and grandeur of Firenze in the Renaissance Period.

Our laboriously crafted bridal gowns in tones of a deep red, (taken from Botticelli’s paintings), Lapis Lazuli accents and the blush palette of the Florentine sunset, have an aura of antiquity. Yards of brocade and tafetta are covered in delicate vines and lily motifs inspired by imagery from the Tuscan countryside and gowns of the Medici Rulers.

Cascading skirts, floor skimming jackets and delicate veils lend the Ammara Khan sophistication and finesse to our hugely anticipated collection. With the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship, ‘Il Giglio’ remains true to our promise of creating truly luxurious couture season after season.














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