Embracing Spring Summer’s hottest trend, Tulip shalwars makes waves in the Pakistani fashion world this year. Raising the bar for high fashion, this modern take on the dhoti shalwar and giving it a new face of tapered elegance is what makes it here to stay. Tired of the sleek cigarette pants and the 70’s overdone flares these old school sophisticated shalwars have fast made their mark as this season’s wardrobe staples.

Taking this trend up a notch and focusing on the myriad of wears you can possibly get out of the tulip shalwar is Image Fabrics. A brand known for its finest fabrics and high quality introduces a line of tulip shalwars that can be worn from day in to a night out. Aware of the scorching hot summer months the brand opts for a relaxed silhouette and has solely created a line “ A Tale of the Tulip” that befittingly captures tulip shalwars in its essence. Whether your looking for chic and classy, trendy and fashionable or laid back casual, Image has you sorted. In an assortment of colours in pure cotton and silk crepe fabrics, Image introduces 5 staple must have Tulips that you need to stock in your wardrobe.


       White Cotton Tulip Shalwar- Your every day essential


Lace Bordered Tulip Shalwar- A subtle chic look guaranteed


Black Cotton Tulip Shalwar with White Edging- For that instant edge to your day to evening look


Appliquéd Lace Cotton Tulip Shalwar: Making a refined statement


Silk Crepe Pearl Tulip Shalwar: Standing out from the crowd in a fashionable formal attire

Piquing the interests of various fashion and design houses the everlasting tulip shalwar has managed to reign in various fabrics such as Lawn this year. The highly coveted Nargis Farkhri for Shehla Chatoor Lawn, Karishma Kapoor for Mina Hasan Lawn and Nida Azwer’s Limited Eid Lawn collection all embrace this trend in alluring designs and hues of colours.




Design Houses of the likes of Deepak Perwani and Misha Lakhani stayed true to the classic all white tulips and paired it with their personal design aesthetic. Deepak’s all laced out Eid Collection Kurta paired with a tulip and Misha Lakhani’s citrus green short kurta matched with tulip shalwar added a powerful chic impact to their collections.



Celebrities of the likes such as Mawra Hocane also donned a beautiful scalloped lace tulip shalwar from Rema and Shehrbano and Ayesha Somaya’s new Eid collection debuts organza appliquéd tulip shalwars that are sure to set style standards. Introducing silk digital prints for Eid, Farah Talib Aziz’s Eid collection paired with stunning pearl embellished silk crepe tulip shalwars has become essentials for everyone’s wardrobes this year.





A reincarnated shalwar trend, take heed from these designers and fashion houses for your ultimate guide to look fashion forward this Eid.