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What’s in Store? Dolce Vita Home Luxury Furniture and Accessories!
What's in Store

What’s in Store? Dolce Vita Home Luxury Furniture and Accessories!

Appealing aesthetics and luxury guaranteed Dolce Vita Home collections keep raising the bar for ideal living. From digitally printed cushions to sleek vintage wooden finished tables these one of a kind pieces accentuate your home space to provide timeless elegance. Milano and Design’s official partners in Pakistan there is no doubt that the meticulous finish of the genuine leather sofas is not par excellence to the high quality standards we want. Staying true to its classic and contemporary look the collection exudes large chandeliers and side table lamps with architectural rot iron design details that can uplift any room. An ode to functionality we particularly like the life size mirror with fur textured frame detailing that makes a stand out piece in any home. Check out this must have collection of furniture and home accessories and visit the nearest Dolce Vita Home Store to get your luxury picks at affordable prices.











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