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Health & Beauty: YogaX brings you Hot Hour at Pakistan’s first hot yoga studio on 13th May!
Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty: YogaX brings you Hot Hour at Pakistan’s first hot yoga studio on 13th May!

Its not just a fad! Yoga really does keep you fit and going for the rest of your life- and there is no better way than sweating out those toxins with a hot session of hot yoga!

YogaX is excited to bring to you Pakistan’s first ever-professional Hot Yoga Studio. Hot Yoga is Yoga practiced in a heated room, the room is heated up to 40 degrees Celsius while maintain humidity of 40%.  This type of yoga guarantees to work every muscle in your body while raising the heart rate, detoxifying and aiding weight loss. Since the heated room enables you to move deeper into your poses your able to gain maximum benefits of each pose with minimum possibility of injury.

YogaX is having their first ever Hot Yoga class by the name of HOT HOUR this coming Friday 13th May 2016.

Reasons you should NOT miss HOT HOUR:

  1. Burn Baby Burn: You will burn anywhere between 400-1000 calories in this amazing one hour session.
  2. Pakistan’s First: You will get to experience Pakistan’s first ever professional HOT YOGA Studio.
  3. Detox: Every cell of your skin will be detoxifying! Lets SWEAT those toxins awayyyyyy
  4. The Dynamic Duo: Power Yoga Guru, Jeannette Faruque & Universal Vinyasa Yogi Salina Taqi come together to teach this one hour HIGH ENERGY session.
  5. Strength & Flexibilty: After one HOT YOGA session you will notice improvement in your strength & flexibility. The heat will allow you to safely reach new levels of personal flexibility and spine strength (which is therapeutic for your body )
  6. FREE Giveaway: All participants are getting a FREE spicy lemon cleanser courtesy of The Ultimate Detox to stay hydrated. Yummmmmm
  7. Open to all fitness level: Hot Hour is open to all fitness levels, beginners can experience their bodies for the first time and advance practitioners can deepen their practice.

**(If you have any heart problems or medical history please consult your doctor before you attend a class)**







Details: Friday 13th May, 11:15-12:15 and 6:30-7:30, YogaX. Hot yoga studio, Karachi.

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