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Exhibition Hit List: Zumirrah by Rabia Hassan Home Furnishings
Exhibition Hit List

Exhibition Hit List: Zumirrah by Rabia Hassan Home Furnishings

Intelligent craftsmanship and modern aesthetic, Zumirrah by Rabia Hassan brings you an eclectic array of fabulous home furnishings that are guaranteed to bring a brand new look to your home. Combining the unique elements of art at play, the art deco accent table in a black and white monochrome finish adds an instant glamour to that empty home space you were looking to fill. The architectural finesse of the cathedral mirror and the riviera console that is beautifully handcrafted in white chalk finish; details the historic inspiration behind these unique pieces. Soon to be a cult favorite and perfect for all those afternoon tea gatherings is Zumirrah’s hand painted tea table in gold finish that has us not missing out the two day exhibition taking place today, Thursday, April 21st and tomorrow, Friday, April 22nd from 11:00am to 7:00pm at 73 Old Clifton Karachi. Have a look at some of the statement pieces you will find at the exhibition. We are sure you won’t leave empty handed.












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