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What’s in Store?: Dolce Vita Home – Get Comfortable!
What's in Store

What’s in Store?: Dolce Vita Home – Get Comfortable!

Dolce Vita continues to amaze their audiences with their high quality products and increased level of comfort. The brand focuses on the concept of ‘restoration living’ by introducing furniture that brings warmth and homeliness to your living space. Keeping to classic natural tones such as brown, grey and white and using fine materials in textured leather, polished wood and stainless steel to give it that ultimate sophisticated touch.

What attracts the attention of the audience is the creative design spin such as the mirrored side table that is a reflection of their modernised ideas and intelligent craftsmanship. The belt buckled serving trolley is another clever design that grasps attention of home enthusiast who prefer a bit of whimsy in their decor. Take a look at an amalgamation of new designs in store now at their many outlets across the country. Visit the one nearest you for a closer look, meanwhile here’s a pick of our favorites below!











 Visit the Dolce Vita Home Profile.

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