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Health & Beauty: 5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss the StudioX Sunset Yoga Session!
Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty: 5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss the StudioX Sunset Yoga Session!

If you haven’t already signed up for the StudioX one day only ‘Sunset Yoga’ session coming up this Saturday on 20th Feb, Yogi Salina Taqi gives you the top 5 reasons not to miss out! Whether you’ve been on break from a fitness regime off late (don’t feel guilty it happens to the best of us!),  or can’t make it through the week without your regular dose of exercise and training, this session is the chance for a fun and rejuvenating mind body experience for all. With Ultimate detox delicious goodies in the mix and a relaxing massage, here’s why you should dedicate this Saturday to some much needed fitness therapy!


“1. ENERGY: In a collective practise you can feel a HIGH energy in the environment and this energy will uplift and INSPIRE you. This energy is carried forward after the practise too. The sun supercharges and recharges your batteries, and it a great source of Vitamin D, excellent for your bones & overall health. Prepare to get ENERGIZED & release that lethargy.


2. LIVE MUSIC: You will practising yoga under the sunset with live music. Prepare to flow through your yoga practise while enjoying the beats of live tabla. Live music will uplift your spirits and give you strength through challenging postures creating the perfect atmosphere.


3. The Dynamic Duo: Power Yoga Guru, Jeannette Faruque & Universal Vinyasa Yogi Salina Taqi come together to teach this 2.5 hour session. Combining Jeannette’s high power & Salina’s Yin skills this practise will be the perfect YIN YANG combination for a balanced mind, body & soul.

4 Spicy Lemon Cleanser

4. FREE Giveaway: All participants are getting a FREE spicy lemon cleanser courtesy of The Ultimate Detox to stay hydrated. Yummmmmm! Plus a StudioX custom made T-Shit


5. FREE Massage courtesy Mint Beauty Salon: Prepare to enjoy a free head massage during shavasa & FREE foot reflexology after the session, to really get into a zen state of mind.”


Registration details provided in the feature flyer above.

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