Shamaeel Ansari has always been known for her ability to bring about a fundamental feminine essence in her creations with a strong ethnic overtones. Although her work tends to allude to the early cultural heritage style of the Subcontinent, her take on each piece hints at certain modernised aspects, such as the shawl cape that exudes an entirely cosmopolitan sensibility or the tunic with a simple pencil line for an eastern mood. Each outfit is a vivid reminder of her adaptive and evolving ideas – which she uses to achieve recognition and undeniably wow her eclectic clientèle.



In her recent collection, she collaborates her signature aesthetics with a variety of different cuts and colours. We admire her ability to create something out of the ordinary with minimalist embroidery and a cluster of symmetrical, truck art inspired digital printed silk fabrics. The SS’16 Prêt wear is defined with a polarity of colours from soft pastels that are a rare appearance with Shamaeel used for a softer mood for spring, to the more iconic richer hues that are a defining feature of the designer’s palette.


Since it aims to evoke a cultural rendition, it naturally includes a tremendous amount of classical floral prints, patch work and a generous usage of her favourite colour, the brick red. However, what sets apart the collection from others is the least possible usage of embellishment making it somewhat soothing and gracefully appealing. Intricate light-weight brocades for spring embellished with tapestry-style signature Shamaeel embroideries.


In Bridal wear, vintage Shamaeel takes over, reviving Byzantine tapestry embroideries. Shamaeel’s new collection welcomes the glorious spring with a fresh approach interwoven with classic vintage charm, different every season yet so Shamaeel.What we admire most about this collection is how cleverly she uses bold colours to instil the underlying emotion of her aesthetic – femin inity with courage and strength, all at once.

For the full reveal be sure to visit the exclusive SS’16 open house at the Shameel flagship store on the 10th of February.

Shamaeel flagship store: D-66/1, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi