Masarrat Misbah Makeup lead artists and progeny of the makeup legend herself, Redah Misbah and Hafsah Haseeb talk about their recent trip to the MM Makeup HQ in beautiful Istanbul, Turkey and reveal all the brand new MM Makeup treasures coming your way in 2016! From new product formulas including contouring highlighters to evermore variety in colors especially in the trending MM liquid lipstick range, view them trying on all the lovely shades from the delicious new extended series of lip colors and varnishes that the specialists are bringing forth in the new year!


Redah Misbah and Hafsa Haseeb


“From baklava, the long walks through Galata, the happenings on Istiklal Street or crossing the bridge over to the spice market and the ever so bargain shoppers dream the grand bazaar. Turkey has something for everyone, be it food, the sights, the beautiful people, heritage, weather, culture, shopping. It is also the HQ of Masarrat Misbah Makeup, Pakistan’s first halal certified makeup range. We love Istanbul because you get to pack in work and leisure and have the best of both worlds.


Redah Misbah


We made a week long trip to Istanbul to work on the new colors, new formulations and a few secret products for the MM Makeup line. When we look at color we have to be conscious about our skin tone. There are just some shades that make our Asian skin look dull and we always want vibrant complimentary colors that make our complexion glow. At the same time textures are very important too, pure, velvety, easy applications, buildable and blendable are things that you will be seeing from Masarrat Misbah Makeup in 2016.



We are also on the international bandwagon for Liquid Lipstick, or as we like to call it Liquid lip craze. Liquid Lipsticks seem to be all the rave nowadays and even for most brands this is still a very new product in the world of makeup. We first introduced our 4 Liquid Lipstick shades Phenomenal Red, Magento, Fuchsia Rouge and Valencia, and since they did so well we are excited to expand the range of colors. For the MM Liquid Lipstick collection we want to introduce more neutral shades in the pink family along with introducing darker shades in the red and brown family. We love our new Liquid Lipstick colors and cannot wait to share them with everyone in 2016. As part of our lip range we will be introducing… wait for it…. A rich deep plum, which has been highly requested by our fans. We love the suggestions our fans make and are so grateful for their continuous support.




Hafsa Haseeb

For eyes, the MM Eye Varnish collection has 16 shades that cover all color families. This is very important because as make up artist you need to have all your primary colors in place before you can introduce any palettes. We want to stay true to our brand by always following basic makeup rules. We can’t wait for everyone to try our new Eye Varnish formulas! For skin, we think the MM Silk Foundation covers majority of the things you are looking for in a good foundation but even with 12 shades we still have a large market of complexions that we must cover. In the US we will be launching deeper warm and cool shades to cover our African American market. We plan on doing the same with our MM Silk Pressed Powder.




Now for the secret products… Yes it is true 2016 is when we hopefully get to launch our new line of contouring shades and highlighters. We all know the love for contouring is equal to the love of liquid lipsticks thanks to make up artist extraordinaire Samer Khouzami and world-renowned beauty blogger Huda Kattan. Contouring lets you enhance your face and even transform it when needed. We are so thrilled to soon share the kit with you in 2016. Fingers crossed everyone MM Makeup has a lot in store for 2016! “


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