Starting 9th of November, an upcoming fashion estore will be housing most of leading multi-brand store Latelier's collections for online purchase, both from inside and outside of Pakistan. A project of NetSolTechnologies, is working with MCB to process international payments allowing expats and Pakistanis living abroad to order from home.

Making its name largely through its collection of quirky, artistic products, has been creating its own niche in the Pakistan online shopping audience. Some of its more popular products include hand painted khussas "“ made to order and beautifully crafted heritage/pop-culture products like truck art inspired clutches and jewelry.

Apart from its own collection the portal has served as a platform for a plethora of upcoming fashion brands and young entrepreneurs like Lahori Ink. In a statement from the owners highlighted the significance of Pakistani culture and their aim to promote Pakistani work both within the country and on the international platform, "We are a small, dedicated team of individuals working together to create a platform for young Pakistanis. We want to create opportunities for them and in it promote the rich culture and heritage of Pakistan!"

The partnership with Latelier aims to serve the same purpose. With banking on big name designers and fashion brands to help bring some spotlight on new upcoming artists and individuals. With the season in turn, the website plans on unveiling works of Tena Durrani, Sania Maskatiya and Hina Butt in conjunction with Latelier for Fall 2015.