Sanam Chaudhri's style has always been adventurous, independent, and imaginative! After the success of her bold and quirky debut Neon collection at the last FPW, she returns with plans to showcase another out-of-the-box exciting collection entitled 'KAGE'!

"KAGE (ka-gey) jumpstarts a timeless fantasy with a rebel thread. Inspired by "˜Shibori', a Japanese resist dye technique, Sanam Chaudhri's new collection is resplendently edgy. Featuring bold hues of indigo and white, spun around shades of burnt orange, fiery red and black, KAGE echoes of a purer age whilst marching to an electric beat.

There is an irreverent attitude along with a refined confidence in the woman who wears KAGE. Combining casual and refined textures, from cotton to satin, this line holds an international appeal; kimono jackets, cowl-harem pants, and hakama-inspired skirts and trousers. Pieces for the more fashion-forward include bustiers, wraps, capes and obi belts. 

However the individual combines this selection, the result boasts a fashion that has endured by finding a modern rhythm. KAGE suits a range of occasions, but  one woman especially; she who rocks her own world."

Fashion Pakistan Week October 2012 commences from 21st to 23rd October 2012.

Photography by Nadir Firoz Khan