(Lahore, 15th June): True to their spirit of young energy, fun and creativity, Red Bull organized the Red Bull Collective Art Exhibition at the Stoneage Flagship store on MM Alam road.

Over the past few months, Red Bull's Collective Art project has received over 2000 submissions contributing to an art piece that now totals 1.3km in length "“ 500m greater than the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. The project has seen contributions from 85 countries worldwide.  Red Bull Collective Art, in partnership with Adobe, has been an attempt to create a global piece of art on an unparalleled scale, in what is now one of the largest pieces of collective art in the world. 

The Red Bull Collective Art project initially evolved from the concept of "˜cadavre exquis', a Surrealist technique first introduced around 1925. The idea is that an assortment of images or words are collectively assembled, with each successive person adding to the previous contribution, based on being able to see the last part of the previous design.

The project has seen contributions from a variety of different creative people including designers, artists, photographers and publicists.

To learn more about the project visit www.redbullcollectiveart.com where you can browse and interact with the inspirational pieces of art from around the globe. The event was attended by art enthusiasts and celebrities excited to show their support for the initiative.

Photo Credits: Samra Noori