Kiran Fine Jewellery celebrates it's 12 year Anniversary with launch an exclusive one of a kind launch on Instagram: @KIRANFINEJEWELLERY

One of Pakistan's most unique and desirable jewellery brands, Kiran Fine Jewellery by Kiran Aman will be celebrating their twelve year anniversary on the 18th of October with an exclusive launch on Instagram [@kiranfinejewellery]. An audio visual retrospective, this extraordinary social media launch will be the first of its kind and will feature the brand's  twelve year journey, walking viewers through KFJ's conceptual philosophy, it's status as heirloom statements of jewellery, endorsements by icons and the birth and evolution of the KFJ woman.

"Our instagram launch captures our 12 year anniversary mantra, "˜one square moment at a time' whereby this year, we look back across our twelve years of passion in jewellery using precisely one square instagram moment, telling  an entirely visual narrative. We will culminate our curated social media retrospective with a look to the future, revealing more from our brand in 2015." Said Kiran Aman, the powerhouse creator of Kiran Fine Jewellery. 

#KiranFineJewellery is well known for appealing to women of substance who wear jewellery not to simply adorn but to reflect the essence within. With Kiran's philosophy of creating pieces that are symbolic of the women wearing them ,each piece of jewellery is crafted with the finest materials and a deliberate focus on gold. KFJ has been  worn by some of the most leading Pakistani icons at a variety of shows and events in Pakistan and internationally, including Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and leading actress Mahira Khan. Kiran Aman also custom-designed jewellery for actress and model Meesha Shafi in the form of calligraphic earrings titled "˜Bol' which was used in the OST for The Reluctant Fundamentalist in which Shafi made her Hollywood debut. 

Join the brand at @kiranfinejewellery on Instagram and search the #KiranFineJewellery hashtag to commemorate the exciting KFJ 12 year anniversary!
For more information on how to order pieces from their exquisite collection, visit the Kiran Fine Jewellery Profile.